Yvonne’s Meme-A-Thon: Day 1, Meme 1, Rights for All the Workers

Today is my birthday.  As I have previously written to you, I am taking this opportunity to tackle three things: quit smoking cigarettes, practice gratitude, and support the stupendous work of Smart Meme, a grassroots movement strategy center that builds our capacity to tell stories that change the world.

    1.    Hours since my last cigarette: 37.  
Okay, I got a head start on this one, because I finished the last one in a pack Friday evening.  Yes, I savored that last one, slowly.  I resisted the impulse to buy another pack yesterday, instead choosing to arm myself with tools, such as sweet and sour Twizzlers and bubble gum.  Crisis averted!  Number of Twizzlers ingested in the last 24 hours: 9 sticks.  (This counter may need to be about Twizzling cessation, instead of smoking.)

    2.    My mother
It seems fitting on my birthday to appreciate my mother, the woman that gave birth to me 36 years ago.  She’s back in Suzhou, China to settle matters so she can return to California.  I am so impressed by her strength and resilience, her capacity to finally inhabit the life she wants to live, at 67 years.  I hope she returns soon.

Here she is at the November 2nd General Strike in Oakland, representing the IWW or as she said, reading her tee shirt upside down, “WWI”.  I am so grateful to share that beautiful day, with my mom.

   3.    Rights For All The Workers
Smart Meme is supporting the organizing of excluded workers, those that are not protected under federal labor laws, such as domestic workers and day laborers.  People of color and recent immigrants have historically done this work, whether brought in as enslaved labor across the Atlantic or via the guest worker program of today.  In all cases, these workers are subject to horrific abuses: withheld wages, rampant abuse and exploitation by the bosses, and little to no recourse to protest these conditions.

Smart Meme has partnered with two groups organizing excluded workers: the National Day Laborers Organizing Network and that National Domestic Workers Alliance.  Together, with your support, we can work towards the rights of all workers to assert their rights and collectively organize to win better wages and working conditions.

Smart Meme is helping the domestic workers and day laborers to tell their stories.  Can you help Smart Meme get this important work done?  So far, the following have pledged to help Smart Meme: Doug Henwood, Martha Bader, Shel Kimen, Hector Cordero-Guzman, and Susan Burch; thank you, so much!   I need to raise $400, to reach my goal.  Support Smart Meme by donating here.

Day 1, Meme 1.  Two more days, 5 more memes to come.

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