The Third Shift for Working Mothers in Restaurants

The Third Shift

A new study The Third Shift: Child Care Needs and Access for Working Mothers in Restaurants by the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United documents how the 2 million working mothers face the precarious situation of sub-minimum wage work with little to no child care supports. Working mothers are faced with a Catch-22 predicament: where they are forced to accept crappy jobs in the service economy and can’t afford child care, but in order to get assistance, they have to work any job. And, most of the jobs out there are bad jobs.

This is a national emergency, as four out of ten households today, according to a Pew Center report, are headed by breadwinner moms. With mothers earning 4% less per child than their equivalents, the cost of raising the next generation is borne solely on their backs. We need comprehensive, universal pre-K, which provides high quality and affordable care, at the nontraditional hours that our service economy runs on today.

Read the executive summary or the full report.

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