Appendix to Meme-A-Thon

I can’t stop memeing. Just a brief update, three more joined the ranks of the ever wondrous, committed Smart Meme supporters: Khanh Pham, Matt Nelson, and Alison Alkon (who just wrote this most awesome book, Cultivating Food Justice).  That means, I’ve reached my goal of raising $500 for Smart Meme!  W00T! Thank you, lovely and […]

Yvonne’s Meme-A-Thon: Day 3, Meme 6, Frank Chu Says 12 Galaxies are the 1%

This is it, folks, the last meme.  It’s Day 3, Meme 6; we’re finally here!  Above, I’m with Frank Chu, voted 2000 Best Protestor by the SF Bay Guardian, at Oscar Grant Plaza.  His message to us?  “The 12 galaxies are stealing our money and foreclosing our homes.  And, Bill Clinton is the one directly […]

Yvonne’s Meme-A-Thon: Day 3, Meme 5, Deporten a La Migra

Here we go; it’s the LAST DAY of my Meme-A-Thon. 1.    Hours since I last satisfied my nicotine fix: 87. 2.    I am grateful for my mentors, movement elders who inspire me to keep on trucking. One of my first movement mentors was David Graeber.  It was late fall 2001, the smoke from September 11 […]