The Intelligentsia: Scattered Reflections on Chekhov’s Three Sisters

I saw the most amazing play yesterday. I left the theater, feeling chilled, with prickles erupting across my skin. Of course, this being Berkeley, two elder women, white with gray hair, exited ahead of me, talking loudly: “Well, there were so many problems…with the wardrobe. I mean, really! First, Irina’s dress wasn’t pressed.” “No, really?” […]

Empire Strikes Black

“I want to join the Starfleet Academy!” I exclaimed to a colleague when leaving the theater. Watching the new Star Trek movie left me with a sense of optimism about intergalactic governance, a desire to trust and give of myself wholly to the Federation, who will school me, train me on how to kill Romulans, […]

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

From my perch here on the thirteenth floor in downtown San Francisco, I can catch a sliver of the Bay.  There’s often a boat, usually cargo, floating in the water with a backdrop of a mountain range and sometimes at sunset a fantastic explosion of color streaking the sky: pinks, blues, violets, and then black. […]