• Port truckers shutdown TraPac terminal at noon

    Oakland Port Truckers Demand Respect

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    Oakland port truckers haven’t received a raise in 10 years, despite rising costs like fuel. The truckers often pay upwards of $2000 in expenses for their truck purchase and expenses, yet they only earn $46 to transport a container from the port to the Union Pacific railroad nearby.

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  • This photo of restaurant worker Angela Piril was taken for the ROC-NY Gender Committee photo exhibit. (Dina Cendano)

    Beyond the ‘Second Shift’: Mothers in Service Jobs Work a Third

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    We need comprehensive, universal pre-K at the nontraditional hours that our service economy runs on today.

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  • The Third Shift

    The Third Shift for Working Mothers in Restaurants

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    2 million working mothers face the precarious situation of sub-minimum wage work with little to no child care supports. This is a national emergency, as four out of ten households today are headed by breadwinner moms. With mothers earning 4% less per child than their equivalents, the cost of raising the next generation is borne solely on their backs.

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  • The Detroit Black Food Security Network opposes a land deal that it says could jeopardize grassroots urban farming initiatives like the D-town farm, pictured above (Photo courtesy of Detroit Black Food Security Network).

    Detroiters Rally to Stop ‘Corporate Land Grab’ of Vacant Lots

    Monday, December 10, 2012

    Grassroots organizers in Detroit liken the Hantz deal to a land grab, when corporations purchase land owned by sovereign nations.

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  • Yes on 37

    Monsanto’s Mean Green Revolution

    Saturday, November 3, 2012

    Monsanto murders farmers, 1 every 30 minutes; their GMO foods causes tumors and early death; their pesticides sicken farmworkers and rural communities. Yes on Prop 37 is such the obvious vote.

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Young white male author's first novel


Young white male author’s first novel: A quirky but melancholic tale of how a romanticized bohemian version of the author searches for meaning in an alienated adult world with the help of a manic pixie girl.

Privatized Cities

When the White 1% Secedes

When rich white people secede from multiracial and working class counties, they privatize their cities, outsourcing all public services. Sandy Springs, GA is essentially a gated community for the white 1%.

Apple vs. Costco

Apple Bleeds its Workers, from Factory to Retail

Why is it offensive when Walmart pays a single mom $9 an hour, but not when Apple pays its workers $12 an hour? Retail workers in Apple stores earn low wages and work in stressful environments.

Source: http://brownroundboi.tumblr.com

Beyond Marriage Equality

The future of LGBTQ politics is beyond marriage equality and is about gender and sexual liberation for all.