A Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanks for the American dream, To vulgarize and to falsify until the bare lies shine through.

Yvonne’s Meme-A-Thon: Day 1, Meme 2, Good Food for All

So, I’m still 36 and relishing the anniversary of my birth.  Here’s a check-in around my three goals: to quit smoking, to practice gratitude, and to support the kickass work of Smart Meme, a grassroots story-based strategy center. 1.    Hours since my last inhale of carcinogens: 44 2.    Decolonize Oakland I am grateful to live […]

Replacing Coal with Green Jobs in Navajo Nation

via Yes! Magazine As a small girl, Enei Begaye knew to be quiet when visiting friends’ houses. Nearly everyone in the 4,900-person town of Kayenta, Arizona, part of the Navajo Nation, worked in the area’s coal mines, Black Mesa and Kayenta, which operated twenty-four hours a day. Begaye and her friends would play quietly so […]