Reading Harry Potter Critically

Here’s my review of Harry Potter that I promised Channing for RaceWire’s round-up of the new movie… Across cultures, fairy tales and myths are used to teach children the normative values of a society. Stories follow a similar template: the main character is a child that listeners can identify with. There are fantastical creatures, some […]

Ronald Takaki, Rest in Peace

via According to numerous individuals, Prof. Ron Takaki passed away this week. Share your thoughts on Ron’s legacy on Facebook. We’ve lost a giant in the Asian American community. Join with me in wishing his family and friends our condolences. Considered the father of multicultural studies, Ron was a professor of Ethnic Studies at […]

The Great Rehearsal

The Great Rehearsal: A symposium and week of events on the World Revolution of ’68 and its legacies September 17-25 1968 was a world revolution.  From Mexico City to Tokyo, Paris to Prague, Columbia University to Berkeley, it was a revolutionary event that at once failed and transformed the world. The process it put […]