Food Chains

A food chain, according to Wikipedia, is the flow of energy from one organism to the next and to the next and so on.  You start with what’s called a primary producer, usually a being that rates low in terms of evolutionary development and differentiation, and go successively through various trophic levels of predators feeding […]

The Chinese Self and Tibetan Other

I have been trying to understand Tibet. Specifically, the Tibetan struggle for self-determination. There’s the national question within China and the story China tells herself. Then, there’s the world stage and the narratives spun by the media, woven according to the ideological bias of its audience. I will write more about the story being looped […]

I Am Not A Hegelian

I am not happy with my last post. I don’t really understand Buckley and his ilk, or his detractors, and I think I resorted to general abstractions to dismiss — “fascist” — rather than play with who he was and what he contributed to the neocon movement. I conflated neocons with neoliberals without explaining why. […]