Oakland Port Truckers Demand Respect

Port truckers shutdown TraPac terminal at noon

Oakland port truckers haven’t received a raise in 10 years, despite rising costs like fuel. The truckers often pay upwards of $2000 in expenses for their truck purchase and expenses, yet they only earn $46 to transport a container from the port to the Union Pacific railroad nearby.

Beyond the ‘Second Shift’: Mothers in Service Jobs Work a Third

This photo of restaurant worker Angela Piril was taken for the ROC-NY Gender Committee photo exhibit. (Dina Cendano)

We need comprehensive, universal pre-K at the nontraditional hours that our service economy runs on today.

The Third Shift for Working Mothers in Restaurants

The Third Shift

2 million working mothers face the precarious situation of sub-minimum wage work with little to no child care supports. This is a national emergency, as four out of ten households today are headed by breadwinner moms. With mothers earning 4% less per child than their equivalents, the cost of raising the next generation is borne solely on their backs.