Got a Hustle to Pay Rent While Jobless? You’re Part of a $1T Economy

Street vendors in New York

via Colorlines John (a false name) stands at the street corner that I pass by every morning in Oakland, when I walk my dog. An elder black man in his late sixties, John wears the same brown jacket each day, through summer heat and fall chill, and a weathered baseball hat. He shuffles up to […]

Public Sector Attacks Undermine Racial Progress

via Indypendent In March 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled to Memphis, Tenn. to support 1,300 striking sanitation workers who toiled for poverty wages in horrendous working conditions. Following King’s assassination there on April 4, the workers won legal recognition for their union. Their victory was a landmark in the struggle of Blacks to reap […]

The Intelligentsia: Scattered Reflections on Chekhov’s Three Sisters

I saw the most amazing play yesterday. I left the theater, feeling chilled, with prickles erupting across my skin. Of course, this being Berkeley, two elder women, white with gray hair, exited ahead of me, talking loudly: “Well, there were so many problems…with the wardrobe. I mean, really! First, Irina’s dress wasn’t pressed.” “No, really?” […]