The Intelligentsia: Scattered Reflections on Chekhov’s Three Sisters

I saw the most amazing play yesterday. I left the theater, feeling chilled, with prickles erupting across my skin. Of course, this being Berkeley, two elder women, white with gray hair, exited ahead of me, talking loudly: “Well, there were so many problems…with the wardrobe. I mean, really! First, Irina’s dress wasn’t pressed.” “No, really?” […]

The Great Rehearsal

The Great Rehearsal: A symposium and week of events on the World Revolution of ’68 and its legacies September 17-25 1968 was a world revolution.  From Mexico City to Tokyo, Paris to Prague, Columbia University to Berkeley, it was a revolutionary event that at once failed and transformed the world. The process it put […]

All Your Marbles Are Belong To Us

We’re all subprime now, so says the general consensus by economists while the Fed bails out Bear Stearns and provides corporate welfare to the tune of over $13 billion daily $28 billion in just three days. How did this happen, I and David Leonhardt ask? Steve Randy Waldman tries to explain it to us: Alice, […]