Liking a post on Facebook is not activism

Kitty Black Bloc

Liking a post on Facebook is not activism. It accomplishes nothing. Screaming at someone in Caps Lock is not activism, it is just obnoxious.


Young white male author's first novel

Young white male author’s first novel: A quirky but melancholic tale of how a romanticized bohemian version of the author searches for meaning in an alienated adult world with the help of a manic pixie girl.

Appendix to Meme-A-Thon

I can’t stop memeing. Just a brief update, three more joined the ranks of the ever wondrous, committed Smart Meme supporters: Khanh Pham, Matt Nelson, and Alison Alkon (who just wrote this most awesome book, Cultivating Food Justice).  That means, I’ve reached my goal of raising $500 for Smart Meme!  W00T! Thank you, lovely and […]