How Green Is the Green Economy?

Where are the green jobs?

Four environmental organizers and researchers examine the ‘green jobs’ buzz. By Rebecca Burns, In These Times April 3, 2012 A “green recovery” is being championed as a solution to both ecological and economic crisis, but the sanguine rhetoric has not always been matched by progress toward a more sustainable U.S. economy. Growth in “green jobs” […]

Public Sector Attacks Undermine Racial Progress

via Indypendent In March 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled to Memphis, Tenn. to support 1,300 striking sanitation workers who toiled for poverty wages in horrendous working conditions. Following King’s assassination there on April 4, the workers won legal recognition for their union. Their victory was a landmark in the struggle of Blacks to reap […]

Of Mice and Medicine: How Investing in Medicaid Will Create Jobs

via As a follower of debates around health care policy, I often feel as if I’m watching three blind mice fumble about, trying to identify this enormous behemoth in their midst. “It’s all about expansion of insurance coverage!” shrieks one, “We need to make sure that everyone has coverage under an insurance plan, one […]