Sex and the City a la Beckett

Sex and the City Wedding

Sex and the City, reinterpreted as a Beckett play

Public Sector Attacks Undermine Racial Progress

via Indypendent In March 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled to Memphis, Tenn. to support 1,300 striking sanitation workers who toiled for poverty wages in horrendous working conditions. Following King’s assassination there on April 4, the workers won legal recognition for their union. Their victory was a landmark in the struggle of Blacks to reap […]

Happy Birthday, Yuri Kochiyama

Born on May 19, 1921, Yuri grew up in a white middle class suburb of San Pedro, California. Her life was irreparably changed when Pearl Harbor was bombed. She and her family were forcibly removed from their homes and interned at detention camps setup for Japanese Americans during World War II. There, Yuri connected the […]