Racializing Uighurs: The Story of Internal Colonialism in China

China extends 3,400 miles from the west to the east and falls into five different time zones. Yet, the country operates on a single standard of time, eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, all year round based on the time zone for Beijing, the country’s capital. A single Chinese time zone is as much […]

Empire Strikes Black

“I want to join the Starfleet Academy!” I exclaimed to a colleague when leaving the theater. Watching the new Star Trek movie left me with a sense of optimism about intergalactic governance, a desire to trust and give of myself wholly to the Federation, who will school me, train me on how to kill Romulans, […]

The Chinese Self and Tibetan Other

I have been trying to understand Tibet. Specifically, the Tibetan struggle for self-determination. There’s the national question within China and the story China tells herself. Then, there’s the world stage and the narratives spun by the media, woven according to the ideological bias of its audience. I will write more about the story being looped […]