Take Back the Land

Take Back the Land

Take Back the Land: Occupy, Resist, and Grow! New video by Walter Hergt

Vermont Breaks Ground in Health Coverage for Migrant Workers

via Colorlines Vermont, land of rolling green hills dotted with black and white Holsteins and picturesque red barns. White people, everywhere, lots of them. Home of state-sanctioned town hall meetings that are models for participatory democracy. And now, the first state in our republic to enact universal health care for all. Two weeks ago, Gov. […]

Black Kids on Bikes

Once a month, a movement courses through the streets of Los Angeles. Moving together, in solidarity, Black cyclists are spurred forward by the revolutions of their wheels. Each individual coming together to join the flood that takes over the streets. Their momentum stirs the air, setting in motion a gale that blows clear across the […]