Detroiters Rally to Stop ‘Corporate Land Grab’ of Vacant Lots

The Detroit Black Food Security Network opposes a land deal that it says could jeopardize grassroots urban farming initiatives like the D-town farm, pictured above (Photo courtesy of Detroit Black Food Security Network).

Grassroots organizers in Detroit liken the Hantz deal to a land grab, when corporations purchase land owned by sovereign nations.

Vermont Breaks Ground in Health Coverage for Migrant Workers

via Colorlines Vermont, land of rolling green hills dotted with black and white Holsteins and picturesque red barns. White people, everywhere, lots of them. Home of state-sanctioned town hall meetings that are models for participatory democracy. And now, the first state in our republic to enact universal health care for all. Two weeks ago, Gov. […]

Coal Mining Curbed on the Black Mesa, Paving Way for Navajo Green Economy

A shorter version of this post first appeared on RaceWire. The indigenous environmental justice movement celebrated a victory, early January 2010, when a judge ruled that Peabody Energy cannot expand its coal mining operations on the Black Mesa in northern Arizona.  Former president Bush Jr. approved a permit for Peabody in the twilight of his […]